Have You Ever Seen An Idealist With Grey Hairs On His Head?

Have You Ever Seen An Idealist With Grey Hairs On His Head?

As it turns out, it was just a clever ad for a cigarette…Anyhoozles, another day in the job hunt trenches. I did some house keeping on the pile of applications that I’ve acquired since setting sail on this journey. Lets hope that some of these adjustments can get this job hunting gods to shower me with some good leads.

It looks like a little cold weather tis’ on the way to Hoth, which means I might be freed from the shackles of watering the sad and damaged collection of flowers that are still blooming here. That hail storm really took it out of Farmer Josef. I’m ready to close that chapter for the season. I’d like to settle into my fall angst and tuck away my summer shove it, yes…that’s a Deftones reference.

Freelance has been a bit of a trickle, but is still happening, which is good. Tonight, I’m starting on a logo that fell into my lap courtesy of organic searches man, that’s good!

Wrestling has consumed quite a bit of my time over the past year, which is fine, but I think I’m past the honeymoon period and find myself a little bored with the current story lines. It’s good timing because hockey will be starting back up and then I can focus on that. Maybe we can get a repeat going…a delete can hope, right?

Well, that’s about all I’ve got for now. Until next time, COURAGE.