Linger Ficken’ Good.

Linger Ficken’ Good.

A batch of time has past and here it is, the latest post. Exciting eh? Yeah, I thought so. We’re elbow deep in the bathroom remodel. In order to get everything up to code we’re paying to get electrical and plumbing up to modern times and at the end of it we will being paying monthly for a baller bathroom with a steam shower. It’s exciting, minus the having to be a one bathroom household during the process. Hopefully by this time next week, we will be able to use everything but the steamer as we await the arrival of the custom glass.

My part-time gig has been picking up with projects, so that is nice. I had a couple of nibbles of some full time positions, but nothing has materialized as of yet. Whoever goes around saying people don’t want to work apparently hasn’t witnessed my daily schedule of applying for position after position with no callbacks. I’m a designer with 22+ years experience. If I apply to your job, I get what the parameters are of the job and am OK with it. It’s dumb how long this has taken me. I’m a pleasure to work with dammit, smiley emoji here.

I’ve been out of my studio space during the remodel so all of my stuff has been limited to the computer. Stress and medical issues have resulted in me falling asleep on the couch a lot too. 46 going on 88.

With all of that being said, I did manage to finally do my homage to Alfred E. Newman though, so that was good. See below

Well, that is about all that I can think of to bore you with as this time. Hockey in getting into the playoffs next week so my energy shall be directed towards that, work, the bathroom remodel, my never dying teen angst, and so on and so forth. Until next time, COURAGE. #FODBM