Maybe, just maybe, I’ll make it alone.

Maybe, just maybe, I’ll make it alone.

It’s been another gap between entries, but alas here is another one. We’re coming out of winter and into spring which means that I can direct my leftover teen angst to hopefully a long post-season of hockey and gardening and birding and whatever other old lady hobbies you want to make fun of me for.

Freelance has been going well. I’m getting work from new clients and some old, which is nice. I’m still in the market for a more permanent/consistent gig. The days of searching on indeed sure does get long. Do I miss my previous set up? Nope. I’d rather go it alone than be subject to that nonsense.

I’ve got a couple of bird houses that need to have some gesso applied and the spring designs applied and painted. I already know that this year’s additions shall be. I wonder if anyone else will want one of their very own? If you’re interested, hit me up. I’m always game for a birdhouse project.

I’m not sure what is happening this summer here at Deleted Inc. We’re still shaken up from everything that transpired with the death in the family. The wife is super busy with school and work, but in about a month or so, she’ll finish up school and then it’ll just be work. I’ve not been doing too much of my own work as my schedule consists of freelance, taking the daughter to and from school, PT appointments, Dr. appointments and watching too much Sopranos. I fall asleep on the couch at the drop of the hat as a result. Aging, ain’t it grand?

Here’s some recent stuff that I’ve been doing and a sleepy Doc to boot. More on the way!

Well, that’s about all that I have to bore you with. Until next time, COURAGE. and as always #FODBM