Oh Paranoia.

Oh Paranoia.

A few months of quiet on the blog front eh? Yep. That happens. I’ve been at the mercy of anxiety and mental blocks with some nice freelance sprinkled in-between said episodes. What has happened since the last post? Hockey season ended in a sputter, so I’ve been concentrating on the garden and plants ever since. I’ve got everything planted and am trying to roll with the punches of keeping up with the care and maintenance of things. It’s quite cathartic.

I currently am grossed out about certain family scenarios and am not sure what to make of it. Most likely I’ll just keep my distance and try not to get involved. Did you know that one percenters were/are a biker gang, two percenters are custom van enthusiasts and three percenters are fat dumb guys with guns “protecting” the constitution by being a stupid militia built on false history? Why do I bring this up? Because this is the stupid research that I’ve had to do to and why I’ve decided to keep a large distance from relatives. I guess the moral of this paragraph is, I miss how my family was constructed before my parents passed away.

Well enough of that stuff. I’ll drown it out with art, gardening and focusing on the upcoming hummingbird migration to Hoth.

One of the killer freelance projects that I worked on the past few months was from a client from way back when and using my chiweenie as a reference for some album art. I think it came out awesome and it was super fun to do. If I could wake up and do these sorts of projects on the daily I think that would cure the grumpy Delete. Here are some of those covers:

I’ve got a few other freelance jobs in the works and I’ll post those up eventually. Looking at my portfolio now and I’m realizing it’s been awhile since adding much new stuff to the mix. Maybe that’ll get the listings on Indeed.com to call me back? The never ending job search is getting old. Oh well, I’ll probably get hit by a car anyway.

I’ve made it to a couple of shows recently, i.e. Whores and DRI. Whores was great, minus me getting overheated and losing my sight and almost throwing up. DRI was great, they played Cheyenne of all places. I went stag to that show due to last minute ditchings, but I stuck it out and almost made it through the entire show which ended with an hour and a half set by the boys in DRI. I didn’t hear beneath the wheel, but it was still an awesome show! I felt sick after getting home from that show. So I’m beginning to wonder if this is the beginning of the end of shows for myself. That thought kills me.

Well enough of this blathering. Until next time, COURAGE. And as always #FODBM