Relax, it’s only a phase.

Relax, it’s only a phase.

It’s been a week and then some. Yeesh! The wife is recovering nicely. I received some bad about a distant family member only having a short amount of time left. I hate the first part of years anyways due to past family losses. Anyhoo, life is life and then it isn’t I guess.

My freelance has cooled a bit. I’m currently working on a logo and have a couple of birdhouses to paint. I’m hoping to have one of them wrapped up by the end of the weekend, but with it being Mother’s day and all I’m not sure if that’ll happen.

The part time side hustle still makes my eyes bleed. Numbers, excel sheets and vendors sheets may be the end of me.

It’s been hard not to get wrapped up with what is going on. It’s so troubling to see so many steps backwards to awful practices which we as a society should have learned from our mistakes. Stupid white men, man. It makes me want to puke all over anyone’s head sirs. Anyhoo, people are terrible and we’re all going to die as a result. I guess that’s why people use the phrase YOLO and what not. Anyhoo, it’s been hard to concentrate on much outside of this shizzle. This mixed in with my normal bitterness and self imposed antisocial behavior, it’s been fun times here at Deleted Inc.

I’ve been consumed by the hockey playoffs and cheering on my boys. That has been a nice distraction! Of course I’ve been working on illustrations to go along with it. Hopefully I’ll be making these well into June.

Well, that’s it kiddies. I’ll gather myself and have a better update the next time, until then…COURAGE.