To the beat of a dead horse.

To the beat of a dead horse.

TGI something or other. It’s been a gap since the last posting on the ol’ blog. I’ve been a bit down and out as life stresses are making the Delete more sad than happy these days. The jolt of goodness was fleeting after returning from the Bungle show, but I’m trying to shake this shit, so far it’s not going all that well.

My father in-law has been in hospice care for over a month now. We’re not super close, but watching my wife get through this brings back flashbacks of the hospital time logged before my rents checked out. You forget how just entering a medical/care facility like that can suck the energy out of youse. He has Parkinsons and has been slowly getting to this phase for the past few years. I can only imagine what he’s going through. His ability to really speak has long since passed, so that’s hard and frustrating.

In happier news, the wife’s job has been a great step up for her and I’m happy to see that. Also the mighty bathroom remodel should be wrapping up in the next week or so. The glass was installed today and then steam shower will be completely installed and functioning after the plumber gets to that on Tuesday. I think we’re looking at a new water heater, so I will ask him about that when he’s here too.

I finally scored the car that I’ve been lusting over for years now. My original goal was to get an El Camino, but we found a Ranchero that was here in town and in good shape. It’ll be a fun project car. I’m already trying to figure out why the blinkers quit working and I’d like to get the radio functional, but other than that it is a classic, fume producing machine. I believe I’ll be naming it Don Cabaranchero.

Freelance has been going OK and the part time gig is a very part time gig. Hopefully I can score something with more consistent pay, but until then, I’ll take what I can get. I’m trying to get back into the swing of things as far as projects that are not on the computer. That’s been a little rough, but I have a few ideas.

Well, that’s about all I can think of to bore you with at the moment. Until next time, COURAGE. As always, #FODBM