Trip At the Brain.

Trip At the Brain.

Well, well, well, well…well? It’s been awhile since the last post. Since then, we now have a bearded dragon as part of the family…so we’re now lizard folks or something. His name is Spike or more lovingly Gor-Gor, after the lovely GWAR song by the same name. I’m currently trying to shake out payments from clients so we can increase the happiness of the lizard by getting him a bigger place of residence. The more that I do freelance, the more I realize why people get roughed up in the Sopranos. Haha, JK, well sort of.

I lost my Aunt this week. She was a kind soul and was fun to joke around with. She knew I was weird, but still was able to get past that. I’m sorry that her sickness came about, but it was very quick and with that luckily she didn’t have to suffer for a long time.

The older that I get, the less family and friends I have. Maybe this is why old folks are so grumpy? Maybe I’m just bound for grumpiness. I’m really not that grumpy, when I’m home, comfortable and not dealing with other people, maybe sleeping? OK, I’ll stop.

It’s prime hockey time and the good guys have made it to the second round, the “dreaded” second round…haha, but are already up one game and I hope they continue that tonight. Here is a little somethin’ somethin’ I did for the second round. Here’s to me creating some more, man!

I’ve been wrestling with depression as per usual. In the spring I lean into gardening and art, in fall I lean into hockey and art. This year feels different, like a lonelier sort of different. Maybe its the fact that things that I once leaned into have become toxic and cumbersome and now I have very limited contact and/or feedback on anything to deal with it, or maybe I just have a rock in my shoe. I’m guessing it’s mostly the first but I’ve been known to have a rock or two in the shoe. Ugh, these days are rough. There is a quickly approaching storm that will hit tonight and dump snow on Hoth and it’ll remain cold through the weekend. Just enough time to zap plant progress. I’m going to see how much I might be able to protect. 7220 ft and gardening makes it challenging. Hopefully after this storm it’ll go back to just being concerned about the hurricane force winds and hail from time to time.

Well, that’s all I’ve got. My eyes hurt from mindlessly adding price changes to a website for the majority of the day so far. I’ll stop the bleeding by going outside, watering and starting to prep for the bad weather headed my way. Until next time, COURAGE.