Wake Me Up When It’s Over.

Wake Me Up When It’s Over.

Kal Marks released their new album today. It’s great, but that tis’ no surprise as I’m a big fan. This week has been one for the books. I’ve got a lot of lines in the water right now trying to pick up the next gig. Hopefully that happens soon. In the meantime it seems like a good time to beef up the portfolio and maybe spiff up some wording on things.

I’m going to be doing more non-digital things in my spare time. It’ll be nice to get a better balance of computer and non-computer in my life.

Farmer Josef has most likely a month and a half, give or take the half, or growing time. I’ve got a few experiments that are still running and other things are either ready to be harvested, cough cough one bed of potatoes, and some stuff that might need to be trimmed down for the season.

I’ve been listening to Podcasts during the daily two mile walks that I take. Right now I’m on The It’s Always Sunny Podcast, which is pretty entertaining. I probably look even weirder walking around with a weird smirk on my face. Oh well, whatever works, right? I need to search out some other stuff…This is great information right?

This week started out terrible but after all of that, I’m actually feeling better about my spot. Hopefully my long time in the trenches of the design field will equal some call backs from some companies.

That’s all I’ve got for now, until next time COURAGE.